Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies and Developers

What’s the most complicated process? Finding a Blockchain Development company or top Blockchain Development company; Of course, the later one. If it's an enterprise solution, the searching process is very hard.

Your google search will show you multiple companies, how do you filter the right blockchain development company, as the technology itself is still maturing.

Well, I had garnered the best blockchain companies to get easy access. These blockchain development companies provide end-to-end services including launch ICO, ICO marketing, blockchain app development, cloud development. Blockchain companies listed here have a proven track record and have real customers.

Leader Matrix — Blockchain Development Companies

Blockchain Developers leader matrix

LeewayHertz provides an end-to-end solution to build enterprise-grade blockchain applications. Experienced in developing multiple blockchain applications for Global Supply Chain, Identity Solutions on the blockchain, and utility bill generation using blockchain.

LeewayHertz has experience working with distributed ledger technology including Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3Corda, and Hashgraph. The team also includes Hedera Hashgraph ambassadors.
LeewayHertz has 10 years of experience building over 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world.

Services: Blockchain Development, Smart Contracts, dApps, Hedera Hashgraph, EoS, Tron

Domain — 2011 : $50 — $99/hr : Rating : 4.86/5

Contact: +1 (917) 410–57–57

Founded : 2004

Employees : 380+

Belitsoft is an established blockchain development company. Its top blockchain experts provide full-cycle development services (planning, designing, building, testing, and maintaining user-friendly applications) for customers from the USA, the UK, Israel and Europe. Blockchain technology is an invaluable tool for data-sensitive domains and provides reliability and immutability. Belitsoft has been using it for over 4 years in projects for Healthcare, Insurance, Entertainment and other industries.

3. Applicature

Applicature — Blockchain development Agency

Expertise: DeFi/Blockchain development and marketing services

Minimal start: $29,000 | Headquarters: San Francisco | Founded: 2010

Employees: 50 | Cost Per Hour: $40–$400

Contact:, +1–209–813–2474

About Applicature: Applicature is an A-Z agency for DeFi/Blockchain development and marketing services.

You want to move smart and catch the momentum, right? Applicature is here to offer you A-Z DeFi and blockchain development services: token/wallet/staking/yield farming platform or any other kind of DeFi DApp or smart contract. The bizdev team will take you through the business model review to ensure your product potential is fully realized. Then the marketing team will take care of the proper go-to-the-market strategy with the right channels and messaging to acquire the customers and investors. Applicature helps promising projects with introductions since numerous investors and VCs are associated with and follow the agency.

Headquarters: Singapore

top blockchain consulting company

The Zynesis provides elegant development services suitable for every business needs. In fact, the firm empowers the apps and systems to choose according to the architecture design. With a small startup, the process took most things suitable for development procedure. By being the topmost blockchain development company, the team designs and give an elegant solution.

Expertise: Blockchain consulting & services, Ethereum, Monero, and other open blockchain solutions

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +(310)584 7553 | Founded : 2012 | Employees : 51–200

Top 10 Blockchain Technology Companies

Venture Aviator is one of the award-winning blockchain development Firms for integrating financial applications. It is suitable for providing first-class design and chooses multiple results on building blockchain support. It exists on a successful platform for artificial intelligence projects. The team is giving a platform for providing blockchain start-ups to the customers.

Expertise: Transitioning onto the blockchain, Related Solidity, Dapp, and Ethereum development, Cryptocurrency development, ICO consulting Blockchain Implementation.

Ragnarson is a team of developers, designers, and DevOps building web applications for over 10 years. They help entrepreneurs build MVPs to get their first customers and attract investors. Established companies hire Ragnarson to increase development speed and quality. We plan and run reliable infrastructure.

Services: Ruby on Rails, Development, Infrastructure management & DevOps, Building Minimum Viable Products, EmberJS development, Distributed Ledger Technology, Crypto Tokens

The Popular Blockchain Consulting Firm

Headquarters: USA & UK

Contact: +7202072820 | Founded : 1998 | Employees : 1001–5000

top 10 blockchain app developers

The Itransition is a leading blockchain development that spans the globe for delivering decentralized solutions for financial requirements. They offer blockchain consulting and technology used to get attention on business campaigns forever. The team delivers awesome results and brings forth attention to better development for everyone.

Expertise: Blockchain development services, ICO development, Cryptocurrencies development & platforms, create marketplaces, Develop data management, Identity management, Trading desks.

Domain — 2013 : $50 — $99/hr : Rating : 4.58/5 Reviews

Altoroslabs team has years of combined Blockchain experience, most of us being engaged in implementations of new use cases, smart contracts, and engineering of the Hyperledger Project core.

Services: Distributed computing and NoSql expertise, Software Product Development, RubyOnRails, Java, Android, Mobile Applications

Custom Blockchain Development Company

Headquarters: UK & India

Contact: +91.9821769996 | Founded : 2016| Employees : 11–50

Top Blockchain android app Companies

Today, the Sofocle empowers good technology for discovering innovation and leveraging technologies in blockchain development. Moreover, the blockchain development agency builds various industries notably finance, insurance, healthcare, and others. It helps you identify the use cases and suitable for blockchain applications. The team usually develops according to the blockchain developers.

Expertise: Blockchain Development, Private Blockchain, Wallets and Exchanges, Blockchain Consulting, Smart Contracts, and Product Development.

Headquarters: INDIA, UK & USA

Contact: +917940192627 | Founded : 2015 | Employees : 11–50

best 10 blockchain app developers

By integrating with Blockchain applications, the Minddeft Company has its efforts for developing applications in business processes. It enhances the Blockchain applications that are immediately delivered competent value for enterprise portal solutions. The team focuses on the efficacies of Blockchain applications used for multiple purposes. They have conducted several blockchain projects for clients without any hassles.

Expertise: Blockchain, Enterprise Portals, Liferay DXP, Java/J2EE, Ethereum, and Multichain.

Domain — 2016: $50 — $99/hr: Rating: 4.52/5

Tech racers provide robust and proven blockchain solutions to businesses promptly maximizing the return on investment for our clients. We are based in Lehi, Utah also known as Silicon Slopes. In 2012, Tech racers was founded by a group of engineers who embarked on a journey with the belief that clients are people with big ideas and dreams and not just numbers. Due to rapid growth and expansion, in 2017 Tech racers moved its headquarters to the U.S to become a globally distributed company with talents from all over the world.

Services: Blockchain Application Development, Tokens, Smart Contracts, Public Blockchains, ethereum dapp development, ethereum smart contract development, and Software Development

About Markovate:

With over a decade of experience in building mobile apps, web, and software, we expertly navigate our clients through their digital transformation. We empower them with agile and scalable digital solutions so they can take their product to the market and meet their business goals.

Markovate has developed 80+ digital apps for iOS, Android and web platforms for their customers, located across the US, Canada and Europe.

Our experienced team of developers and engineers are skilled in major technologies and have more than 10 years of industry experience.

A skilled and experienced team of 15+ engineers who have worked with some of the best technology companies around the world.

Markovate is a growth focused digtal product and mobile app development company based out of Toronto.