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Instagram has over a billion active users every day, a vast engaged audience, and less competition than Twitter or Facebook. The platform allows every business with magnificent opportunities for promoting their products to a massive audience with less spending on paid ads.

If you are a new bee on the…

There are billions of apps on the market.

To make your app stand out in the crowd, it must have marketing support.

App marketing is one of the best ways to get more downloads.

You need a growth plan to increase your app’s online visibility by generating buzz that will…

You’ve done it!

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You developed an outstanding digital product that checks all the boxes.

  • Meets unfilled customer needs? Check!
  • Undergone necessary product testing? Check!
  • Optimized for online performance? Check!

Is it ready to be launched today? Let’s double-check.

Times have changed, there’s no question about it.

With the shift towards remote work becoming increasingly common in many industries, it’s important to know how and when to incorporate remote teams into your business.

Whether your team is already working remotely, or you continue to make use of communal office…

The product design process centers around identifying people’s real problems and then thinking of possible solutions that can be transformed into products.

However, product design is more than a basic definition.

With the ever-changing world of technology, you can bet continuous advancements are being made in the world of product…

Chatbots can’t possibly be human. They can, however, think and reply to questions in the same way that humans do.

This is happening with text, which is gradually overtaking voice as the most popular mode of communication. …

Building a goal-centric online presence for clients’ businesses by employing a full-funnel approach endows Markovate as one of the digital marketing service providers in Toronto at GoodFirms.

About Markovate:

Incepted in 2015 and based in Toronto, Markovate is an end-to-end digital marketing agency and product development agency. …

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Mobile apps are a large and growing industry.

A report by Statista estimates that mobile apps will generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

With a shift toward personalization for the customer journey, app developers have their work cut out for them if they want to stand out.

We are living in history right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has left no industry untouched and we can expect it to change everything from the way people shop to how they socialize with each other.

As governments around the world encourage people to stay home a new kind of normal…

Don’t just choose the first digital marketing agency that you come across and hope for the best. Take the time to review your current business objectives. Go into the hiring process with a clear vision of the online presence you want to have. …


Markovate is an end-to-end digital marketing agency helping startups, small and medium-sized businesses with their online presence.

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