7 Marvelous Tips to Use Instagram Marketing for Your Business

1) Showcase What You Are Doing In An Innovative Way

a) Instagram Stories

  • Story content appears at the top of the timeline just below the Instagram icon.
  • It is used to obtain BTS(Behind The Scene) content that doesn’t require high-quality images like regular posts.
  • It helps in easy experimentation with various content types and photos, videos, stickers, live videos, and filters.
  • Tagging other profiles in story content is more ideal for influencer marketing and collaborators.
  • Fun facts like stickers, texts, and face filters that help you to edit images.
  • Story search for locations and hashtags bring them discoverable.
  • Every video and photo you include would run in the series, and also you could add as much you can.
  • Adverts in Instagram stories become available to every business worldwide in 2017. You could utilize these to capture new people and include Call To Action(CTA) to your posts, which helps increase views for your Instagram stories content and promotions.

b) Instagram Reels

  • Showcase your audience about your products attractively. Don’t forget that these videos are short-term videos, so you need to bring your points within the time.
  • Create your video with light-hearted and straightforward video content that shows your product would be more trustworthy.
  • Bring distinct challenges and get your fans to make reels for you.
  • Find the right creators who work in your industry and with the same personalities as your brand.
  • BTS(Behind The Scenes) grows a better relationship between your customers and yourself. Showcase the designs process, methods of product manufacturing, etc., to your audience. It brings them confidence and trust in your brand and acquires a different bond with your people.


  • IGTV video content could run between 60 seconds to an hour, providing massive space for creativity.
  • IGTV’s following tab brings your followers to get access to your fresh content.
  • It’s an additional network to bring your unique videos.
  • IGTV video content could be incorporated into the feed with a minute preview, increasing discoverability and visibility.
  • Users could comment on Instagram TV video content that is visible to other users.

2) Bring A Victorious Profile

3) Take Them BTS (Behind The Scenes)

4) Elaborate Your Reach Through Hashtags

5) Mention Others And Collaborate

6) Offer Exclusivity And Develop Anticipation

7) Monitor Your Success And Grow On It


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Markovate is a growth focused digital product and mobile app development company based out of Toronto.

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Markovate is a growth focused digital product and mobile app development company based out of Toronto.

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